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Ndembu and Yaka of Congo

Ndembu and Yaka of Congo

Each of the Black Continent’s countries is made up of many ethnic groups that differ in language, customs and beliefs. Belonging to a particular tribe serves a unifying function. And participation in the common rituals of members of a particular tribe makes any animosity between them go away. What matters is cooperation for the good of the whole.

Africans affiliated with various tribes perform rituals related to various events. Almost every day they find a reason to perform them. Of particular importance, however, are initiation ceremonies, that is, rituals associated with the introduction of boys and girls into adulthood, and funeral ceremonies. The complex rituals are accompanied by rich symbolism. Gestures, objects, songs and prayers all have specific meanings.

Ndembu tribe

The Ndembu tribe is descended from a group of peoples living in West and Central Africa. It now occupies the northwestern part of Zambia in particular, but Ndembu peoples are also found in the Congo. The tribe is characterized by the large number of rituals they perform, which are referred to in their culture as “chidika,” which freely translated means “special ceremony.” The Ndembu people are characterized by a strong belief that the souls of their ancestors accompany the living in the mortal world. Admittedly, this is not unusual in Africa. But the bulk of Ndembu ceremonies are the result of a belief in the angst of these souls. Their purpose, therefore, is to placate ancestral spirits and secure their favor. An example of a ritual that perfectly illustrates this phenomenon is the Isoma ceremony. It is a ritual of procreation. The Ndembu community believes that healthy women are those who revere the memory of relatives on the mother’s side. Hence, any problems a woman has in conceiving a child are the result of the fact that she has not cultivated the memory of her mother or grandmother enough. Infertility is therefore the result of the angst of their souls and is a temporary condition. Once a woman realizes her obligations to her matrilineal ancestors, the curse will be lifted from her.

Yaka tribe –love spell reviews

Among African tribes, the belief in understanding not only with ancestral spirits, but also with deities is alive. That is why many ceremonies are accompanied by the application of a mask to the face. The mask is a realization of supernatural forces. It makes it possible to establish a connection between humans and omnipresent spirits. Hence masked spectacles are present at particularly important ceremonies, which undoubtedly include the initiation ritual of boys. The masked spectacle highlights and perpetuates the significant transformations that take place in boys at that time. In the Yaka tribe, which inhabits Angola and the Congo, boys’ initiation ceremonies are accompanied by the placing of a mask called Ndeemba on the face. It expresses the fertility passed on to recently circumcised boys. Hence, during the initiation ritual it is put on the face by dancers, who thus pass on the fertility of their ancestors to their descendants.

One must admit that the spectacular ceremonies of African tribes are very impressive. However, it is worth bearing in mind that for African peoples, these are primarily events that bring value to their communities.


The curse or the power of words

The curse or the power of words

Often, when things don’t go our way, we say that someone has cursed us. However, we don’t always take these words completely seriously, yet there are more and more experiences that prove that words can have the power to make things happen. So it’s worth considering how thoughts and words can affect another person and reality as a whole.

The power of the mind is proven by all meditation techniques – especially visualization. When we want something very much, we focus on it, repeat it in our mind or out loud, and thus accelerate the realization of our desire.

Not everyone believes this, of course, but there are some people who attest to the fact that the mind functions independently of the body. It can leave the body in special situations, so that such a person can move through space, leaving his body in place. Such an experience is called exteriorization, or out-of-body experience, or OOBE for short. Another skill that astral travelers, or those who practice extroision, often possess is the creation of thought-forms. These are energy forms created from recurring thoughts. They differ from thoughts in that they are more intense, can be seen, felt or even talked to, if it happens to be a person’s thoughtform.

Such a thought-shape can also physically affect another person or object, either positively or negatively, depending on how you shape it in your mind. Japanese scientist Masaru Emoto has performed experiments that irrefutably prove the real impact of thoughts on reality. Emoto’s main topic of interest is water – its ability to collect and store information. He noticed that water molecules during crystallization could arrange themselves into different forms depending on the stimuli that influenced the water. So the scientist prepared two water samples, one he and his staff subjected to optimistic, positive thoughts and the other to negative ones. When frozen at -5 degrees C and magnifying the crystals under a microscope, it can be seen precisely that the crystal forms of the water that was subjected to positive thoughts are geometric and evenly arranged, as opposed to the latter forming chaotic and imprecise forms. What’s more, Emoto’s research team used a variety of stimuli to influence the water – whether verbal, audio, or just visual, as well as those transmitted by thought alone. In each case, the effect was the same, the crystals changed according to the values communicated, and the material results of the experiment should dispel the doubts of the biggest skeptics.

Emoto’s water experiment is not the only one that proves the power of thought and words. One of the Japanese scientist’s listeners conducted an analogous trial himself, but instead of water, he used cooked rice sealed in a jar. One jar was spoken to kindly each day, while the other was insulted. All other factors such as location, temperature and sunlight were the same, yet the reaction in the jar was different. The rice subjected to positive emotions partially fermented, making it smell nice, while the other turned black and spoiled completely. The experiment was so unusual that it attracted numerous imitators who could not believe the results. To the surprise of the skeptics, each experiment yielded the same results.

A thrill of fear is evoked by the thought of what a human curse can produce when directed at a person rather than an object. Among other things, voodoo, a religion derived from African beliefs, is based on such action. Voodoo is shrouded in great disrepute as dangerous, associated with summoning evil spirits and causing suffering. However, it is important to remember that, like any magic, voodoo can be good as well as bad. The whole essence of voodoo is based precisely on faith, or the power of the mind. Not just by uttering the spell itself, but by believing in it and by the power of will and desire, one can manipulate another person. Bring misfortune upon him, persuade him to do something wrong, but also heal him and restore peace of mind.

To achieve proficiency in these methods one must become a shaman, for the uninitiated playing with these powers can end badly, for example, summoning an evil spirit over which he will not be able to control. It is necessary to remember how powerful thought is and not to hastily wish anyone something bad, because on the one hand our wishes can come true, and on the other hand negative energy can return to us faster than we think.

Energy hook-ups

Energy hook-ups

We operate in a perpetual rush, constantly stressed, often weary… We don’t realize that our fatigue in addition to the pace at which we live can also have more hidden causes. Especially if it lasts much longer than the standard despondency. It turns out that in addition to burnout syndrome, factors beyond the usual human dimension can contribute. In the reality around us there are many intangible entities that are eager to get in touch with us although they may at first look harmless or even friendly, in the long run they turn out to be a nuisance, tiresome or even hostile to us. Why is this the case? Well, these beings are for many reasons have not left the energy-astral sphere of our planet. Something or someone prevented them from moving to the next dimension to continue their journey. Stuck, as it were, between worlds, ours and the one to which they were originally headed, they weave aimlessly, peering into our existence. Some, to use our human term, are bored like mops, others have not realized the fact of their own death and think they can live as they have lived up to now. Still others are driven by very strong feelings from their previous existence, such as fear, envy, jealousy, hatred. In their minds, they still have some sort of score to settle in the world of the living. They no longer have a body, and to be able to interact with us, the living, so they need to recharge their batteries with our life energy. Such stray souls most often cling to us at the energy level that corresponds to our body’s bioelectric field, i.e. at the level of our aura. For this reason, it is worth taking care to keep this energetic protective cloak of ours as tight as possible, which will help us safeguard against the loss of mental and spiritual energy. We can try to balance the levels of our aura through appropriate meditation exercises and visualization.

Nevertheless, an option worth considering would be to contact someone who deals with this more professionally. It is worth checking the offers of specialists on our portal. We will certainly come across someone who, through the description of the techniques used, will interest or intrigue us enough to make the first contact. Let’s search, let’s ask, let’s write. Who could be most helpful? A respected, recommended bioenergotherapist, a person who “sees” the energy around us, a person familiar with so-called channelling, i.e. contacting angels or other types of guardian beings. It will also be worthwhile to contact a recognized Reiki teacher, specializing precisely in work related to the energy sphere. Regarding reiki practice, an added bonus is that energy sphere cleanup services do not have to involve a face-to-face meeting (if one did not have the desire for such a meeting). A reiki master with the right experience will be able to help solve the difficulties that afflict us even if he is physically thousands of kilometers away. A professionally “secured” aura will not allow any low-vibrating, and therefore “hungry” for our life energy souls. So much for the “entangled” misguided souls in our dimension – they, although a bit of a nuisance, are not the only nor the most dangerous of astral uninvited guests.

So what are the others?

There are so-called thought-forms in the space around us. What is a thought-form? It’s such an unusual mix of thoughts, emotions and energy: Each thought stimulates vibrations in the matter, according to its nature. Lofty and beautiful thoughts stimulate subtle positive energies in us, depending on their strength, emotion and clarity – taking on different shapes and colors. Thoughts of the same vibration attract each other, grouping together, multiplying their power. Hence, in some places such as churches, places of prayer, power, the strength of their influence is particularly high. The same happens with places saturated with hatred, lust for death or suicide, such as concentration camps or prisons.

There, the superimposed thoughts of many, for example, suicides, in like-minded people can result in the “execution” of suicide. A good, clear thought is a small “bullet” of energy that flashes to its addressee with the speed of a bullet. You release it to a place where there are great quantities of such white balls. They attract each other and form huge white balls of bright thoughts. Since there is also the possibility of this multiplied thought returning to the owner, you fill yourself with this energy and have the opportunity to realize your desire.

That’s fine if it’s positive thinking. But what happens with fears, negative judgments, ambition, bad wishes, pride? Same thing.

That’s why it’s so important not to accumulate intense negative emotions, not to keep returning thoughts to unpleasant experiences, tragedies, failures. In order not to feed them with your energy. It’s better to attract to ourselves what we want than what we would like to avoid at all costs, isn’t it? It’s so easy (and so difficult at the same time, if you think about the power of habit). It’s comforting to know that we decide for ourselves what thoughts we charge with our precious life energy.

And a tiny digression: one should not wish misfortune on someone, not just because it’s “not nice”. There is a good chance that our subconscious will miss the fact that we are directing a bad wish to someone else and it will come true on ourselves.

This is the culprit of capturing intense emotions through our own aura. So don’t do unto another what is unkind to you, because there is a good chance that you will find out for yourself.

Another category of unwelcome invisible guests are various authoritative guides and spiritual guardians, impersonating the real ones, directing us to the right paths. For it may well be that in a moment of uncertainty or some life turmoil, when we feel that the ground is removing from under our feet, we will turn to spiritual beings for support and guidance. In principle, there is nothing reprehensible about this, but… Well, that’s right, there is always a “but.” By addressing the astral world in this way, we inadvertently inform the entities inhabiting it of two things. First of all, about the fact that, as body-packed spiritual beings, we have a lot of invaluable for incorporeal energy “to sell”, and also about the fact that at a given moment we are weakened we expose our most sensitive points. What happens then? Well, let’s imagine that we hit a six in the lottery and someone announced it on local television along with our registered address and cell number (let’s turn a blind eye to the confidentiality of personal information for a moment). “Those in need” would push through our doors and windows (regardless of how much they themselves had in their wallets). If he/she is short of money, let him/her give, after all, he/she has….

One can say with two hundred percent probability that this is what would happen, right? We are just as valuable to energy-hungry astral entities, or simply negative entities to whom harm brings joy. In monotheistic religions, these are called evil spirits or demons. Especially they will pretend to be benevolent beings at first, eager to fulfill our smaller or larger requests and dreams. Until then. Soon they will bill us. How this can manifest itself, you can read in the article on possession.

As a warning

Often just a seemingly “innocent” introduction to such life-spiritual turmoil is a simple, seemingly fun game of calling up ghosts (from this began the process of possession of the main character of “The Exorcist”) professional psychics very much warn against the fact that children or people totally unprepared for this should not take part in spiritualistic séances. As was mentioned earlier, many entities, not necessarily like us, are just waiting for someone to agree to let them enter his life. It can be said that they even “guard” at the gates between dimensions, as long as they do not miss any opportunity to invade our world again. And asking them out will not be easy at all. In the case of a poorly conducted cancellation ritual, it is very likely that the astral entity will remain in our dimension. It will make people miserable, depriving them of energy, physical strength, health or generally harming them in some area of life. Then a specialist (preferably a clerical exorcist) should be asked for help. People describing themselves as lay exorcists (presumably) can see off stray souls of the dead to the other side, but with strictly demonic beings they can’t necessarily cope. And with an astral being that clings to a person or place, you can be sure that it will not be who it claims to be. That is why, for example, he may at first appear harmless or much weaker than he really is. He will reveal his cards at the last, until the very end in an attempt to maintain a psychological advantage over us.

So, if we notice that after “playing ghosts” disturbing things begin to happen to us or the environment, it is not worth playing coy, and ask for help from someone who will actually know how to provide it.

What can be stated one hundred percent: in the astral world you can not trust blindly! And if you use divination techniques, carefully choose the person who will look behind the veil of the future.

How to avoid curses?

Magic is associated with witches, shamans, etc. But the truth is that you don’t necessarily have to be a magician to be able to cast a spell or a curse. You don’t even need to have any personal item from the person you want to curse or spell on. For this, natural predispositions are enough. If someone is a bad person, and additionally has a natural predisposition to this energy transfer, he can really hurt someone. This is called the “evil eye”. The fact is that it is possible to transfer energy to another person. All kinds of magic are actually influencing the subconscious. How to protect yourself from curses and bad energy? First of all, avoid all bad people and keep them away from you. If you are a good, sensitive person, a bad person can sense it and cast a spell on you, if only out of jealousy, because bad people have a negative attitude towards the world and cannot enjoy life. Of course, there are situations where negative people cannot be avoided. Sometimes the workplace causes us to meet bad people every day. But in such cases, you should just distance yourself from such people, not engage in conversation with them. The less we integrate with them, the less we are exposed to their negative energy and cursing.

What spell to choose?

I’ll start with what spells are available at all. So the most popular are voodoo spell, wicca spell, egyptian spell, love binding spell, return love spell, angelic spell. There is a division between black and white magic. Angelic spells are among the white magic, voodoo spells and love binding spells are the black magic. The voodoo spell seems to be the strongest spell, but unfortunately most advertisers on the internet don’t really do this spell. They place them on their websites with the desire to earn money. So, if you want to use of the love spell, you need to do some research on Spell Caster sites. At this point, I can add that most African Spell Casters are scams. They promise results in the range of 98-100% and results in 24-48 hours, which is total nonsense. The waiting time for the effects of love magic is much longer, sometimes up to 4-5 months. Therefore, be very careful if someone promises pie in the sky. Don’t be fooled.